Heavy Equipment Glass Replacement

The glass in heavy equipment and mining equipment is not immune to damage. In fact, due to the nature of the environment they work in, these pieces of machinery are more prone to flying rocks and other debris that can easily damage glass. When broken or damaged glass occurs on your mining or heavy equipment machinery, choose the laminated safety glass experts at West Virginia Glass Company.

We are the only glass shop in West Virginia to carry chemically-strengthened laminated safety glass for mining equipment!

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Construction Equipment GlassWhat sets us apart from the competition? West Virginia Glass Company uses a type of glass called chemically-strengthened laminated safety glass in mining equipment. This type of glass exceeds all federal safety standards (OSHA). West Virginia Glass keeps this glass in stock to minimize downtime of your machinery.

In the mining equipment and heavy equipment industries we realize time is money. If the windows in your machines are broken or damaged they are no longer safe for operation and must be fixed as quickly as possible. West Virginia Glass Company understands the importance of getting the broken glass fixed or repaired quickly to restore operational safety in minimal downtime. Save both time and money by making West Virginia Glass Company your choice to repair or replace any broken or damaged glass in your heavy equipment or mining equipment.

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Chemically-Strengthened Laminated Safety Glass

Chemically Strengthened Laminated GlassChemically-strengthened laminated safety glass is the only replacement glass approved by federal government regulations for heavy equipment and mining equipment. West Virginia Glass Company is the only glass company in the entire state of West Virginia to use chemically-strengthened laminated safety glass on all mining equipment and heavy equipment glass replacement installations. West Virginia Glass Company not only uses this advanced safety glass, but also is the only glass shop in the state of West Virginia to manufacture the glass in-house!

Characteristics of Laminated Safety Glass

  • Chemically-strengthened glass is eight times stronger than comparable annealed glass. The surface compression of chemically-strengthened glass may reach up to 100,000 PSI (690 MPa) for a thickness of approx. 0.00125" (32 µm).
  • Chemically-strengthened glass retains its color and light transmission properties after treatment. Due to its manufacturing process, chemically-strengthened glass has little or no bow or warp, optical distortion, or strain pattern.
  • Chemically-strengthened glass breaks into sharp fragments like annealed glass. Chemically-strengthened glass cannot be used alone as safety glass— it must be laminated.
  • Chemically-strengthened glass may be cut after tempering, but totally loses its added strength for about 1 inch (254 mm) on either side of the cut. These strips revert to annealed glass. It is preferable to cut and edge the glass before it is chemically strengthened.
  • Chemically-strengthened glass loses its added strength when the surface is deeply scratched.

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