Storefront Glass Replacement and Installation

JC Penny Glass StorefrontWhat does your storefront say about your business? One of the most important aspects of any business location is the first impression your building leaves with a potential customer. Today’s higher grade architectural metals and more efficient commercial glass products allow limitless possibilities in either a business renovation project or a new construction project. West Virginia Glass Company can show you the many options available and help you make an informed decision to attain that desired WOW effect without having to break the bank.

An attractive storefront will be welcoming to potential customers. Well-crafted commercial glass and architectural metals allow this to be a possibility without compromising interior comfort and energy efficiency. The storefront experts at West Virginia Glass will gladly and professionally walk with you through the entire process. We will sit down with the decision maker(s) from the initial design and cost estimates to make sure the project yields the desired look to attract customers to your business.

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